Got Covid? Call 1-800-4NOBODY.

The bureaucrats in Oregon have essentially thrown in the towel on stopping the spread of Covid. Yesterday the Salem suits announced that they aren't going to be doing contact tracing any more, because well, there are way too many contacts to trace. And if you take a test at home and it's positive, they don't really need to know.

The state has set up a website where you can report your positive test result, if you want. And that site will tell you to alert everybody else in your close circle and stay isolated for a while. There's also a "hot line" you can call to have somebody essentially read to you what would have shown up on the website had you gone there.

Here in Multnomah County, this story in the Weed indicates that the public health folks actually don't want to be bothered with you if you have Covid, unless you wind up in the hospital from it.

Multnomah County health officials say at-home results aren’t crucial to understanding COVID trends.

“At this point in the pandemic, our health department does not need to know about every COVID test result,” says department spokeswoman Kate Yeiser. “Test data that gets reported to us from labs includes both positive and negative, so we get a decent snapshot of disease activity in the community. As cases become very common due to Omicron, we will be watching indicators like hospitalizations to see how we are doing. We don’t anticipate a change to this approach, because it is a step toward living with COVID.”

It's been clear for a while now that most people are going to catch the Co at some point. Keep your shots up, hope they work, and don't disturb the government employees when they're trying to get their naps in.


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