Gong! New York Nick is DQ'ed.

The ruling came down from the secretary of state this morning. And so now... hi ho, hi ho, it's off to court we go...


  1. Gee couldn't possibly be a conflict of interest there could it?

  2. No, it’s not. She isn’t running for Gov.

    Besides you could make the crack about anyone in the job, D or R or whatever. If she was interested, maybe the conflict would have been to approve his appearance on the ballot because Dem voters would reject him as a carpetbagger. I think she just did what she believes to be right on the facts, and because that’s her job.

    But your crack does bring up a good point — Secretary of State should be an entirely nonpartisan position and operation, and thus it should not be a weird form of Lt. Gov position, because every decision the SOS makes is automatically suspect — it’s like the mess we would see if the Vice-President had real power. Oregon needs a real Lt. Gov so that Secretary of State can be made nonpartisan and not a stepping stone position.

  3. I'm quietly amazed. I hope it stands up in court.

  4. Wonkette slays:

    “This is some gross Trumpy bullshit, a la "My net worth is whatever I feel it is at the time." Sure, he lived and voted in New York (in 2020!) but former New York Times columnist Nick "Kristof’s attorneys say that his vision of Oregon as his home more than qualifies him under the state Constitution’s three-year residency requirement for its governors." (Politico)”

    1. Agreed. All the lawyer muscle, too – totally Trump.

  5. And even Trumpier still — normal court process is for the little people, MY case should go directly to the highest court with no record to review.



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