Fouled out

Are you like me? Are you completely unsurprised to find out that retired basketball star John Stockton is a rabid anti-masker and anti-vaxxer? Put him on the crowded list with the rest of the free-dumb jocks. 

But what is surprising is that the Roman collars at his alma mater, Gonzaga University, are banning him from home basketball games unless he puts a mask on. Wow. My several visits to Spokane over the years revealed to me the following pecking order at that school:

1. Jesus of Nazareth*

2. Current Superior General of Society of Jesus

3. John Stockton

4 (tie). Saint Ignatius Loyola

4 (tie). Mark Few

6. Mark Few's defense attorney

 * - Ex officio, being God.

The Pope barely makes the Sweet 16. 

For the Gonzagans to revoke Stockton's season tickets is remarkable. I'd like to think they're sending some sort of noble message to the students. But man, the alumni up that way are probably apoplectic. Not to mention heavily armed.

Ah, well. I never liked John Stockton. Still don't. Good for the 'Zags.