Five months, no Freddy's

I've never been much of a consumer boycott guy. I remember when we weren't supposed to eat grapes; I snuck a few. But I'm enough of an anti-Trump person that when I saw the Kroger grocery people put that hideous Elaine Chao on its board of directors, I swore to stay out of the Fred Meyer stores, which are operated by a subsidiary of Kroger.

That was back in August, and I've managed to keep my resolution. It's just groceries and drug store stuff; there are other places to buy that. Those other places are probably equally problematic from a political standpoint, if you look closely enough. But dammit, I'm not sending a nickel to Chao and her rotten husband, Mitch McConnell. (Pardon me while I spit on the ground.)

I used to spend thousands of dollars in Fred Meyer every year. Now, nada. And I'm none the worse for it. As Mr. Meyer himself used to say, Eff 'em.


  1. I'm with you on this. I've been aboard this change since I found out in September. And, yes, Eff'Em used to be my main source. I have made it a point with every Kroger/Fred Meyer ad I get on my Facebook feed, I pointedly ask when they are going to remove the corrupt politician from their board of directors. Noting that those who reward the corrupt are usually corrupt themselves, and that's not a particularly good look for a provisioner of groceries and housewares. I'm demanding that they "End the Chaos on the Kroger board! Remove Elaine!" before I return my custom.

    And, you know what? I found out that Safeway has better in-store bakery bagels than Eff'Em. Plus, they have asiago cheese bagels, which Eff'Em never even offered. I just keep winning.


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