Week 19 underdog picks

There are six pro football games in America this weekend, and for the players in our charity underdog game, every one of them will count:

12.5 PITTSBURGH at Kansas City - Evil O, Paul, Kosar19, Mojo

8.5 PHILADELPHIA at Tampa Bay - Drew, TJ

6 LAS VEGAS at Cincinnati - CrimsonCrud, SteveO, Buster Douglas, Mad Dog, PDXileinOmaha, No Chance in Hell, Bad Picker

4 NEW ENGLAND at Buffalo - pdxTrojan, Gordon

4 ARIZONA at Los Angeles Rams - JC, Micah

3 SAN FRANCISCO at Dallas - Meow, DB, Eric

The standings going into this weekend are here. Good luck, players and their charities!

UPDATE, that evening: Neither of the Satur-'dogs came through, which means that nearly half our players are already taking a goose egg for the week. But for the rest, there's tomorrow and even Monday.

UPDATE, Sunday night: The smallest 'dog came through on Sunday, not the others. Still one puppy to go ('Zona) on Monday night. But the wild, wild wild-card weekends of the recent past have come to an end.