Crystal for Governor!

Here's a new piece up on the worldwide interwebs about New York Nick's bid to become Oregon's next governor. Among other things, the writer actually went to Yamhill and interviewed some people who live there. They're not too thrilled about being made the poster children for failed government.

The story also rehashes Kristof's legal case that he was really a "resident" of Oregon while he was voting from his suburban home in New York. I'd heard most of it before, but here's something new to me: "Crystal the family dog competed in Oregon dog shows."

Meanwhile, his lawyers are making him out to be some kind of freedom fighter for running for office. Denying him a shot, they say, could lead to voter suppression. Let the people decide!

Sorry. We have a state constitution, and if it says he can't run here, which it certainly seems to, then he can't run here. The voters can vote for any legally eligible candidate, but he isn't one. Maybe next time. Like the lady says on the cell phone commercials, it's not complicated.


  1. No special rules for special candidates please. Hope the court expeditiously denies his appeal.

  2. I don't have any love for New York Nick, but would get behind a Eugene Levy (or Catherine O'Hara for that matter) candidacy 100%. I'm sure they have better things to do, though.


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