A tale of two cities

Here are some interesting facts. As mentioned here the other day, the unvaccinated Brooklyn Nets basketball player Kyrie Irving is deemed too much of a health threat to be allowed to play in his team's home games in New York City. But there he was last night in little old Portland, Oregon, huffing and puffing and sweating and rolling around on the Trail Blazers. It appears that Oregon is loosier-goosier with the vax than New York City is.

There were 16,379 screaming, shouting fans in the stands, most of them masked but of course many not properly. The Blazers won, 114 to 108. Irving played 40 minutes, second-most on the Nets, scoring 22 points and collecting eight rebounds. His next game is in Chicago.

It was a nice win for the Blazers, who are having a bad year. Some fans have asked whether a paper bag over one's head counts as a Covid mask.