A holiday tradition

The dirty, rotten scoundrels at Portland City Hall, particularly the ones in charge of hiding embarrassing documents and preserving the worthless police force, have done it again. Yes, it's another holiday weekend news dump!

And this one, executed to perfection on Friday, is a doozy: a police training presentation that ends with a crude, right-wing patriot "prayer."

The mainstream media took the bait and wrote about it breathlessly on Friday, when no one would read the story. I'll get around to it on Tuesday or later.

In the meantime, here's an interesting take on the Portland police's obvious fondness for dangerous fascist goons. More than enough to keep us thinking until Tuesday. "Only in Portland did fascist gangs succeed in turning the city into their fight club; everywhere else they were shut down." 


  1. One hopes you can clear up the differences between fascist goons and anti fascist goons.
    Some of us have trouble distinguishing one from the other, except that both seem to enjoy creating maximum mayhem and neither seems concerned about facing any restraint or consequence.

    1. Yeah, well, only one side gets paid. By people like me. And they are worthless.

  2. ^Eh, in better times w/more opportunity, they get a fat pension @ ~80% avg. of 3? highest paid year(s) sans minimum retirement age w/full benefits & can take a job in 'retirement' & fat overtime overtime pay & mostly just write traffic-accident reports & get paid to sit around in court or whatever, my heart bleeds.

    They don't get to keep the $ on traffic violations in PDX like Lake no-negro/amigo & sleazy West-Line that combines the worst aspects of Vantucky & LO culture together with less $/people that wish they could live in LO for the posh or Oregon-shitty outskirts to do whatevah they want for redneck/cowboy dress-up/cosplay fantasies w/money on their terms/budget & hafta commute in is about the only difference?

    That said, lets just get on with it & try to chip away at overtime/pensions & the union & make a deal do the dirty deed as dirt cheap with best / least bad ongoing results as possible & try to stop the bleeding & rely on the cops less for various mundane, non-cop duties etc. if at all possible?

    The cops aren't in the biz of crime-prevention.
    At best they investigate it diligently & impartially & record it accurately in detail honestly, or maybe deter it very very slightly if there's a rep that they'll shoot (accurately first) & ask questions later?
    How often does that happen?

    That said, lack of opportunity & community solidarity & bad city layout & planning/dollars wasted/squandered & siphoned off in corruption w/ easy vigilance & too much/infeasible private property perimeter to defend is really more the issue?

    1. Times are tough, we're gonna have to make a deal & currently sowing the seeds of a crackdown that's going to really hit us all adversely if we're caught exposed.
      'Back the blue until you're black n blue' as they say?

      That said, I don't think individual police officers are necessarily bad or evil at all (even if the cartel / 'union' organization/institution really only does bad/parasitic things for society) , & we sure need to try to find/incentivize attracting some decent ones in the short/near term & make a competent 'best deal possible under the circumstances' with some city bureaucrats willing to stick their necks out/take some heat for the inevitable blame in tough times & that's not easy.

    2. ~80% pay of avg. of 3 highest paid years, no minimum retirement age, w/cost of living adjustment, full benefits ito perpetuity, bunch of tax breaks, no tax penalty or other penalty if they take another golden parachute or cushy job in 'retirement', great overtime pay.* my heart bleeds.

      Do a freedumb of information / public records request and see where some of that money vacuum is going in PERS for administrators/bureaucrats/other swamp creatures, cop cartel ('union') fat cats, portland fire (St. Randy Lennard) & cops that rack up a bunch of overtime pay in their '3 highest paid years' right before retirement in rough times. It's uh...eye opening.

      Then there's the lousy teachers that hang on forever/keep out up & coming actual talented teachers or pile up high paid or admin. job years Liz Warren style & grab their PERS golden parachutes &/or go to work for Bill Gates charter schools or go to work for schools in a posh neighborhood that are already defacto privitized/segregated (on class mostly, but other grounds too)...hello Riverdale & LO is that U?


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