Way out of bounds

It looks as though the judicial fitness folks in Washington State are going to issue some sort of ruling against the Clark County judge, now retired, who spoke his true mind in his courtroom last March about the police killing of Kevin Peterson Jr., not knowing that the camera and mic were rolling. 

His appallingly biased, prejudiced mind, that is.

It won't matter much now, of course. The judge has declared himself a community hero and moved on.

I don't think the autopsy has ever been made public. The cops appear to have shot Peterson in the back as he was running away. One of the cops involved was himself shot dead nine months later. There was going to be a lawsuit over Peterson. I haven't heard whether that's still going. Anybody know?


  1. Isn't the job of judge likely to attract sickos & reactionary coots, tho?
    By habit or training?

    No one would accept a society post enclosures & explosion of lawyers & inhuman bureaucracy without a constant fiction that there are 'humans' that will act like humans in some position of power or influence despite them being replaced by someone who will do what corporatist capitalist algorithm demands if they act like humans or prioritize human needs?

    Paradoxically though, if you want any relief as a last resort, it's probably in the judiciary in our strange and bureaucratic inverted iron prison we all live in & somehow built, but doubtful anyone really consciously wanted or asked for?


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