Portlandia takes a tongue-lashing

Breaking news! The National Review is not that into Portland.

But the young tighty-righty who wrote this essay gets it mostly right. His main screwup is acting like the governor's shutdown and mask orders were unwarranted. He keeps pounding on that, and he's so very wrong. But I guess he has to burnish his credentials to move on up in the Republican death cult. 

Oh, and he's bothered by "cheap weed." Dude, give that a rest. Have an edible. You can cut it in half.

But there's a lot in his article that I agree with.

It is the inversion of right and wrong, where criminals are treated with sympathy and victims are portrayed as villains, where sidewalks stretching for blocks are simply ceded to rows of homeless tents.

And all the while, Portland’s political class fiddles.

I wish it weren't so. But it is.


  1. Not too far from ya, tho across I84, probably...

    Sleeping near/over your shop and having to shoot people with salt in self-defense to bear spray...
    ...sounds about right? Low bar & a high achievement?

    1. 2 against 1 & he didn't see the lookout with the bear spray...that's bold!


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