On the fifth day of Covid, my true love sent to me

Thanks to the friends and readers who have sent their good wishes for me to get over Covid. I am cautiously optimistic that the worst is over. On the third night of symptoms, during sleep, my immune system seemed to go into overdrive and really put a dent in the infection. It knew what it was dealing with – forked hands!

I'm not quite at 100 percent yet, but I feel like I've made good headway and am moving in the right direction.

Because of all the idiots out there who will take this the wrong way, I'm hesitant to say it, but I will: I've been sicker with the flu a couple of times. But I'm knocking on wood as I write that, and thank God for the Covid shots. The only thing I'm noticing now is possibly a slight impairment of taste.

Meanwhile, I see that the Centers for Disease Control have tanked their remaining credibility by suddenly cutting the recommended quarantine period in half. Nothing's changed, except that so many people have got Covid now that the hospitals are running out of workers. But the feds don't want to say that, so they're just redefining reality. It's sort of like when the government defines "radioactive waste." When they get too much of it, they just change the definition, and yesterday's deadly toxin becomes today's ordinary dirt.

I think part of the back-room thinking at the CDC is that the omicron variant isn't that bad, at least if you're vaxxed. But they don't want to say that, either.

I wish they'd just tell the plain truth instead of shading it to influence behavior. The public is smarter than the bureaucrats make them out to be. All the feds do when they screw around with people's minds is sow distrust.

Anyway, I'll be considering myself as sick for more than one more day, that's for sure. Thanks again for the good vibrations.


  1. Good to hear you're weathering the storm in reasonable shape.

    I'm starting to think variants of this are going to hang around long enough that most of us will likely get it at some point. I had to make plane reservations before the end of the year to use a credit from cancelled plans last year, and pushed them out as far as I could, still wondering if I will end up wanting to fly when the day comes around.

  2. So sorry to hear you've got Covid.... Glad you are getting better though!


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