No punches pulled

I'm kind of slow on the uptake these days. For a month and a half now, a new blog called Portland Dissent has been up and operating, here. It's mostly penned by a guy named Richard Cheverton, about whom I know nothing. He's got the energy, and a sharp tongue.

It seems like a lot of tighty-righty stuff, but just because a Lars Larson type says it, doesn't automatically mean it's wrong.

There aren't enough bloggers any more, especially in Portlandia. We should take whatever we can get.

UPDATE, Tuesday morning: I just found a Quora page (whatever that is) on which Cheverton held forth for a while on a number of topics, most of which were not Portland-related. Turns out, he's an older fellow. One with quite a voice.


  1. Oh isn’t that cute. A baby Bojack. But seriously, I looked at the site and I didn’t like the layout at all. Doubt that I will ever read it, but at least it is a good sign that others are not content with the status quo.

  2. We don't need more unaccountable bloggers. We need more journalists that are mindful of credibility.

  3. I agree that the source does not automatically mean it's wrong (fallacy of origins), but I took a quick look, and there's some pretty awful stuff included. There are also some worthwhile questions asked — and occasionally answered. Maybe you can keep up with this blog and filter out the worst of it for your readers.


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