Monday bloody Monday

I should have known better than to think we could get the week started on a positive note here in lawless Portland. All day long, the close-in northeast part of town has been in an uproar over a crime spree that ended with a carjacker being shot dead by police in the middle of Interstate 5. The carjacker had apparently shot and wounded one of his carjacking targets, a woman who was riding in a car with her family, including a young child on foot and another in a car seat.

Perhaps most disturbing, the incident started with a home invasion robbery and acompanying car theft at about 9 a.m. at U.S. Grant Place and 32nd Avenue, a few blocks from Grant Park and Grant High School and way too close to where I sit. Then the violence moved to the hotel at the Lloyd Center, an area which will surely become a major crime scene many times over in the next few years. Eventually the carjacker was driving the wrong way on I-5, ditching one stolen car and shooting the woman as he attempted to steal hers.

The eyewitness quoted in the paper is, of course, a nearby tent camper.

This is the Portland of Ted Wheeler and Jo Ann Hardesty. You are not safe, even in your home, at 9 o'clock on a Monday morning.

Have a nice week.


  1. Is the positive, at least, that the perp didn't get taken into custody and then released an hour later?

  2. If Oakland/SF are any indication for all things 'bad' soon to come to us, just look to them for noxious politics & disasters soon to hit us 5-10 years later (tho ever shorter in the information/telecommunication & idiotic viral/mob mentality, illiterate era of short attention spans and bombardment of noise, anymore).

    They've sorta been where we are for 20+ years now & then some; move the port outta SF where people actually live since the big financialization/de-industrialization in 1975, move in all the yuppies, homeless, graft, crazy costly projects/monuments, NIMBY & police in SF kinda sorta de-facto take forever to come help you recover your stolen car you found, but also don't you to make them look bad or 'do their job' or 'take matters into your own hands,' either.

    What a place for noxious dead end virtue signaling identity politics & surveillance capitalism as an arm of the military industrial complex + good weather & real estate scam we pretend is a 'country,' built on top of that.

    Give it a few years, we're soon to get those people that know nothing else & all those shitty people are soon to be on your HOA board, neighborhood association that can only ruin a place, but can't build something better, exactly, yet.
    Don't even blame them, I don't think anyone really wanted it this way or foresaw it, I didn't either? *shrug*

    I guess we'll just wait until police or vigilante neighbors shoot some bystanders sowing the seeds for a crackdown & it gets really bad rather than *try* to rely on the police less for routine BS (traffic stops, basic investigation) to try to shift or put some cracks in their cartel/'union' preventatively, hire some more competent cops from the community & trim the fat/dead wood/malignants receiving giant taxpayer money-vacuum PERS benefits as bureaucrats/administrators & lousy teachers hanging on state-wide?

  3. Wow, what a crazy chain of events. And yes, that this all started over by Grant Park is odd. I went to Grant HS and besides maybe some petty stuff like stolen bikes or something, that area ‘used’ to be like Mayberry. But of course that is when Frank Ivancie lived there when he was Mayor and we all know that he didn’t mess around.

    It’s sad what Portland has devolved into in such a short time. I feel the most sympathy to the business owners who had invested money into this town only to see them get no support from the so-called ‘leaders’.

  4. There are a few 9th circuit federal judges & a lot of lawyers and tax-heads that live ~there & Alameda ridge.

    Gotta be getting a *little* too close for comfort, no?

    1. I think that Alameda ridge is probably safe as the only bus line that goes there is the #9.......if it is even still running? I lived up there at the “summit” of Regents Drive all through high school. Nothing ever happened up there, besides whatever me and my friends were stirring up.

  5. Incidentally, the highway closure was a practice drill for what will happen to surface streets once tolling begins.


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