De Fazio's packing it in

Today we learn that Peter De Fazio is retiring from Congress. And boy, will the mad scramble now begin for that cushy job. I'm sure there have been quite a few Oregon Democrats just waiting for this moment. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if Sam Adams moved down to Eugene and gave it a shot.

De Fazio would have been running for re-election in the newly reconfigured Fourth District, which still includes Eugene and Corvallis and the coast from Lincoln City south, but no longer includes a lot of the redneck country south of Eugene along I-5 (although Roseburg is still in there). It should be an easier win for the D's than before, I think, and so anybody on the blue team should have no problem. Let the games begin.


  1. Great...corporate Ds will have it more on lock in the primaries like NYC, Hell.A, SF & Chicago (to a degree) in their coastal elite deathstars where all good ideas go to die with a captive audience of bleeding hearts to tax and spend.

    Corporate Ds and cosplaying identity politics radical liberals are such a cancer/most dangerous; they police the boundaries of acceptable thought as such effective gate keepers in their media (both the reactionaries and the tankies have this right, whatever else you might say about 'em) & the supposed 'moderates' are the most immoderat uncompromising radical centrists and identitarian individualist grandstanders that are both pro-market & pro bureaucracy as the worst of both things.

    They want you in a position where there's no other choice and all you can really say about them is at least they aren't Nazis/Fascists or direct corporate capture or cheerleaders like the liberfarians.
    Say what you will about the liberfarians, at least they have a (bad & reactionary & pro extreme monopoly capitalist/private property uber-alles) critique of bureaucracy.

    Say what you will about the regional reactionary sorta quasi neo-fascists, at least they have a (bad, incomplete & reactionary) critique of the market/international finance capital.

    If no alternative is offered or built & the centrist libs/corporate sellout Ds continue to offer nothing, those two ^ above will fill that void and sow the seeds for another dark age or brutal crackdown that will hit us all. They have some pretty noxious opinions & nefarious long term plans...

    Douglas county where they covered up the statue's nipple? iirc? for people that might get a little too horny...or something?....I didn't realize Roseburg was only ~17K people...I sure bet a lot of regional reactionary Timber barons (people that were always opposed to the new deal unless they could make the big $ on the war supplies) will be making a killing with supply chain issues and logging the burned places around Detroit lake to just SE of Roseburg. If they haven't already been swallowed by bigger non-regional-capital...they aren't wrong to fear that & seem more aware of it, but also preside over places like Douglas County.

    Eugene is such a bastion of smug individual hippie boomer burnouts, playground for spoiled kids to go to U of O +_ Nike pet projects/billboard. What a cancer. At least OSU has the land crant and corvallis is a decent well laid out town....

  2. Friends from Eugene invite me down like they're doing me a favor (after couch surfing in here in SW Portland (I dream of being unincorporated county 5-10 blocks out)), but I hate that sprawling place with a passion.

    Seems a shame to have one rep for both Eugene and Corvallis; I much preferred just bypasssing that giant sprawling sh1thole of Eugene Springfield itself entirely and taking up recreation in surrounding areas or visiting only Corvallis & Roseburg, & Drain/Yoncalla.

    Tho all federal congressional districts are pretty ridiculous...


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