And then we got upsot

The P.C. police are at it again. Forget "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Now even "Jingle Bells" must be silenced.

Then they wonder why so many people eat up Fox News.


  1. Part of the reason to "eat up Fox news" is that they did not spend 3 years screaming Russian collusion, instead they debunked it. Fox did not try to hide Hunter Biden's emails, instead the ran the story.
    Most importantly Fox news has not fallen for Al Gore's climate scam!
    (Have you actually seen real evidence that man's CO2 is causing serious global warming? (Evidence of warming IS NOT evidence that man's CO2 is the cause.))

  2. And the school superintendent made it worse saying that it wasn’t because of one persons view/objection over the song, but that they were looking for songs that could be sung by ALL of the diverse/ethnic/non-conforming types at the schools. Just what is offensive about Jingle Bells that ANY kid couldn’t enjoy signing it? Does this fool think that they are going to go home and decipher the lyrics bit by bit to find the racist meaning or history contained within? My god the world has gone nutso!


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