Who let the 'dogs out?

The players in our charity pro football underdog game have sent in their picks for this week. They are as follows:

7.5 TENNESSEE at Los Angeles Rams - Gordon, Mad Dog

7 HOUSTON at Miami - Evil O, DB

6 ATLANTA at New Orleans - pdxTrojan, Kosar19, No Chance in Hell, Buster Douglas

5.5 MINNESOTA at Baltimore - Meow

3 NEW YORK GIANTS vs. Las Vegas - Mojo

3 CLEVELAND at Cincinnati - PDXileinOmaha, Annie B. 

On Thursday night, nine canine prognosticators were unsuccessful:

10.5 NEW YORK JETS at Indianapolis - Paul, TJ, SteveO, CrimsonCrud, Drew, Eric, JC, Micah, Bad Picker

No one chose:

14 JACKSONVILLE vs. Buffalo

9.5 DENVER at Dallas

6.5 CHICAGO at Pittsburgh (Monday; pick was still due this morning)

3.5 CAROLINA vs. New England

2.5 PHILADELPHIA vs. Los Angeles Chargers

2.5 SAN FRANCISCO vs. Arizona

1 GREEN BAY at Kansas City

IMPORTANT NOTE: This morning's picks are now included.

The standings are here. Good luck, players!

UPDATE, Sunday evening: Buster Douglas mistakenly sent his pick (see below) to the email account of my old underdog game (on my old blog, bojack.org). The old email account auto-responded that the pick had been received. All this happened yesterday afternoon. He chose Atlanta, and I have added his pick here. To avoid confusion, please send all picks to dogpdx21@gmail.com. I've changed the auto-response on the old account, which I have not checked for years until now.


  1. I'd like to change my pick to Jacksonville if it's not too late.

    1. A little later in the season, and someone would have gone there out of desperation.

  2. Glad that Buster Douglas got in. I was surprised not to see a pick. Good competitor.

    1. I thought about penalizing him for sending to the wrong address, but with my email account sending him a friendly confirmation, that would not be right.


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