Weekend at Teddy's

If you thought Portland's weirdness credentials were getting a little dusty, have no fear. This story confirms that we're still an absolute magnet for the bizarre and the dangerous. 

A guy dies of Covid in Louisiana, and he donates his body to science, but science sells it to a tent show that drags it to the downtown Portland Marriott where it's dissected for the entertainment of a live audience.

Nobody's taking the proper precautions with the Covid-ridden corpse. And of course, the local cops do nothing despite knowing in advance what was going to happen. The family of the deceased is duly outraged.

But look on the bright side: Travel Oregon can count the guy as a tourist.


  1. When the federal government pays hospitals a lot of money to report deaths as Covid cases, you really have no idea what was the actual cause. Still- a freak show world for sure.


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