Unfinished business

The young guy whose life was wrecked by Chad Wolf and the other Trump goons during the summer 2020 demonstrations at the federal courthouse in downtown Portland is suing. The "less lethal" ammo he took in the forehead left him with disabilities that are forever. Apparently he's living in a tent on the street.  

The identity of the untrained Homeland Security clown who shot him remains a federal seceret. Shame on everyone who's still covering that up. That includes Scott Erik Asphaug, the acting U.S. attorney. He should do the right thing, admit atrocious negligence (or worse) by the feds, and help the victim out.


  1. I agree that his medical bills should be paid and also cover some kind of long-term rehab and a stipend for life if the doctors agree that he will need it. But, I am not sure what those ‘kids’ were trying to accomplish by harrasing federal officers? Obviously tensions were high on both sides and no good could come from being down there. The whole thing was so futile.

    And I seriously doubt that the agent/troop was aiming for his head. But yeah, they need to set things right with him.

    1. Odd to see how you have convicted him of harassing federal officers in your mind. I think the “kids” were trying to peaceably assemble and petition their government for redress of grievances — grievances that are real and pressing, despite the fact that some black bloc idiots get among the crowds and start trouble. The one bad actor we know about for sure in this story is the cop who shot the dude in the head.

    2. And exactly how are the officers supposed to know which ones are the “peaceful” ones when all heck was breaking loose there for over a month? And you call that “petitioning their government?” Quite a strange way to go about it.......unless they were trying to get the result that they got.

    3. Oh come on, Officer Krupke, look at the video. The kid is standing there, across the street, holding up a boom box playing music. The goons sent by Trump and Wolf ruined his life for no reason. You're grasping at straws.


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