The blue team gets spanked

As you know if you've been paying attention, the Democrats took a major hit at the polls this week. They lost the governorship in Virginia and almost did the same in New Jersey. They're going to get creamed in the congressional elections next year.

What's interesting to me is how they're reacting. All of the factions within the party are saying, "See? It's because you're not doing what I want." The far left wing says the losses are happening because the party is not delivering on its grandiose promises from last year. The far right wing says it's because the party's grandiose promises from last year are turning off crucial swing voters.

Of course, the real reason they lost this week was that they didn't have Trump to run against. He was wisely kept in his room. As he will be next year. His official campaign for President probably won't start until after next November's election. And so the Democrats are going to lose their tenuous hold on Congress a year from now, no matter which faction within the party gets its way.

Where do the Democrats go next? I think they'll do worse if they decide to veer left. The voters in the middle are quite concerned about public safety, and all the talk about abolishing the police and opening the prison gates is just too threatening. And that's just one issue. When you start throwing around ideas like abolishing single-family zoning, which Oregon has done and Grandma Tina Kotek is now touting as some sort of national model, you just flush suburban votes down the drain.

Whatever they decide to pursue, the Democrats had better work overtime to get it done in the next couple of months, because their window of opportunity is closing fast. And for the love of God, Justice Steve Breyer, we love you, but please retire now.


  1. Well, since the DNC is just a fundraising/networking organization and the democrat 'party' is just a rickety collection of individual entrepreneurships and ponzi schemes (like this whole country) and motivating their base is contra to their interests which are to;

    -fundraise/always say they're 'less bad' than the imitation fascist death-cult and be the only alternative to that/liberal scold and gate keep to keep all other alternatives out.

    -get consulting jobs or write terrible plays/be a liberal media talking head or get jobs or positions for their shitty kids.

    Winning elections or hustling to do anything are only an objective if the legitimacy of the party & rickety long overdue for major reform or to have been crumpled up and thrown out after the civil war bureaucratic constitutional system itself is at stake & there's an alternative to them or their positions within the bureaucracy.

    Otherwise, losing in all but democrat deathstar iron grip surveillance coastal elite finance capital locations , fundraising/schmoozing and making excuses is the model!

    Look at how much it serves their interests to try to juice the hype about Jan 6. as their own lame democrat brand 9/11/rehabing the W. bush guys and 3-letter agencies?

    You're probably right tho; but as to suburbanites, fuck em for the most part!

    They're both fundamentally reactionary either republican death cult branded or monied boomer homeowner liberal scold/gate-keeper collage 'knowledge economy' overpaid tenured professors, lawyers and other people that don't have to do any real work dem branded of acceptable thought underpinned by violence unconscious death drive in the latter case...leads to the same place either way. *shrug*


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