Tales of lawless Portland, cont'd

A reader sums up this hideous story as well as I could:

A man carjacks another guy's car, shoots at the victim as he's running away (right in front of the police), crashes the victim's car, gets caught, and is released almost immediately after being booked.

Portland doesn't have a functioning criminal justice system right now.

Exactly what I thought when I read it. We need a new City Council, a new d.a., a new sheriff, and a new police chief, stat


  1. So true. We have security near our downtown building. Yesterday, they broke up an encounter between a knife wielding person who lives in a nearby tent and one wielding a golf club. No Police in sight.

    The folks at OutsideIn next door did come ask the security guard to “not talk to their clients”.

  2. I don't see what you're complaining about. No BIPOC or LBTGQ was abused, and the beauty and resiliency of the city was undisturbed. Huzzah!


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