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I'm not sure how I got on the Nick Kristof for Governor email list, but hoo boy, am I ever on it. It seems like I get several fundraising pitches from that guy every week.

They are kind of amusing, though, in that they spend about three quarters of the bandwidth they use reinforcing how Kristof really, really, really lives in Oregon (despite voting in New York a year ago). He was born here. He rode the school bus here. He owns a farm here. He knows that "we" can get the greatness of Oregon back. On and on it goes.

It's starting to remind me of Gatsby Wyden's visits to Oregon. He always wears a goofy Ducks hat to show that he really, really, really lives here, too. Town halls galore! And the Tweets – "Look, here's a photo of me in Oregon! This weekend!"

Anyway, the latest Kristof email come-on had an interesting observation in it. As part of the spiel that the system is broken, and we need someone who's never worked in it to take it over, he writes:

What? How dare he! Is New York Nick not seeing how beautiful and resilient Portland is these days? Not correct at all.


  1. All these New York transplants have ruined Oregon. Vera Katz set us on the course we are on today- tear everything cool down and make a lot of money for the banks and developers. This guy sounds like another East Coast carpet bagger.


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