M-m-m-Mikey and the Jets

A reminder to the players in our charity underdog game that if they're going with the New York AFC team this week, the game is tonight, and so their pick is due at 5:20 p.m. PDT today.

The current standings of our players are here.

UPDATE, 5:20 p.m.: A number of our players are going for it tonight with the Jets, for a whopping 10.5 points: Paul, TJ, SteveO, CrimsonCrud, Drew, Eric, JC, Micah, and Bad Picker. That's nine pickers, one more than last Thursday; in that game, the 'dog prevailed.

UPDATE, 8:50 p.m.: Mikey went down, and so did his team. The standings remain unchanged. We'll see how our other dozen players fare on Sunday and Monday.