Kisses on the bottom

As bad as it is at doing what needs to be done, the Oregon Legislature is quite good at passing laws that hardly anybody needs or wants. Here's a doozy: They've outlawed the practice of prospective homebuyers writing letters to prospective sellers. Oregon is the only state with such a law.

Why on earth would they forbid that? I guess it's because it enables sellers to actually learn about the people with whom they're dealing. Such encounters could lead to illegal discrimination, supposedly. 

Well, it's all very interesting, but the last time I looked, there was a crazy little thing called freedom of speech, which I hear can't be abridged unless there's a compelling reason and the restrictions are narrowly tailored.

Open communication between buyers and sellers has many important, and innocent, benefits. Anyone trying to impede the back-and-forth is nothing but a tiresome busybody.

Under the likes of Tina Kotek, Salem has been an absolute font of junk legislation. I hope this stinker gets tossed in the trash can quickly by the federal courts.

It kind of reminds me of the laws that stop prospective employers from being able to ask whether employee candidates have been convicted of violent felonies. That's a no-no, too. Portland City Hall is even more of a jerk about it than the state. Then they wonder why they can't get businesses to locate here.