In from the bullpen

I see that the bad boys and girls of the Portland police union have a new president, Aaron Schmautz. He seems to be only about 40 years old, and white, and of course, he lives in the suburbs. At least it's a suburb in Oregon. He may be related to Brian Schmautz, a retired Portland detective who was the police bureau spokesman during the Sam Rand reign of terror. I suspect Brian may be Aaron's dad or uncle, which if true would be the second such cop dynasty to pop up in the news in one week.

I guess we're supposed to give the younger Schmautz a chance here, but the last time we did that, his predecessor promptly got involved in an atrocious slander of a city commissioner, and everybody's been covering up what he did for eight months now. I'm sure the new guy will fight best practices on body cams, and make excuses for every bad cop left on the force, because that's his job now. The worse they behave, the further he'll dig in. I hope his dubious organization is put in its rightful place someday soon.


  1. Hmmm....Schmautz, eh? Perhaps the grandson of either Arnie or Cliff? The Buckaroos from days gone by? If that is the case, they are descended from recent immigrants from the Great White North. Just hope he doesn't earn the sobriquet "Slapshot Schmautz".

    1. I saw that. No idea if there's a connection. Brian seemed to have been respected, even liked, by the Portland media he dealt with.


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