Here are the Week 10 underdog plays

The players in our charity pro football underdog game have spoken, and here is whom they like:

13 NEW YORK JETS vs. Buffalo - TJ, Annie B., CrimsonCrud

10.5 CAROLINA at Arizona - Meow

10 JACKSONVILLE at Indianapolis - PDXileinOmaha

9 ATLANTA at Dallas - Mad Dog, pdxTrojan, Paul, Drew, JC, Mojo

8.5 DETROIT at Pittsburgh - DB, SteveO, Buster Douglas, Gordon, Bad Picker, No Chance in Hell

3 NEW ORLEANS at Tennessee - Kosar19

3 SEATTLE at Green Bay - Evil O

Nobody took:

9.5 WASHINGTON vs. Tampa Bay

7.5 MIAMI vs. Baltimore (Thursday, winner)

4 SAN FRANCISCO vs. Los Angeles Rams (Monday; pick was still due this morning)

3 MINNESOTA at Los Angeles Chargers

2.5 LAS VEGAS vs. Kansas City

2.5 PHILADELPHIA at Denver

1.5 CLEVELAND at New England

IMPORTANT NOTE: The picks have been corrected to show that Meow chose the Panthers, not the Jaguars.

The standings as of the start of the day are here. Good luck, 'dogs and their backers!


  1. Replies
    1. The first football team I ever knew.

    2. Huff one of the GOATs for sure. The first of the modern Middle Linebackers. Nitschke & Butkis & Lanier quick to follow and carry it forward.

    3. I'm trying to think of the rest of that D. Andy Robustelli, right? And a guy named Patton maybe?

    4. For those NYG's I'd have to look it up. Was a Unitas & Colts fan in those olden days, so my recollection very limited. Here was Y.A. back then, his last game in Pittsburgh at ol' Pitt Stadium. Famous photo. The story:

      Bill Saul was the Steelers MLB. Myron Pottios was the other iconic MLB from that era, mentioned in that article. Jack Lambert came along to Pittsburgh and as a rookie MLB helped take them to their 1st SB. Another GOAT in that modern NFL MLB lineage, though Lambert played way beyond his weight as a frightening and formidable force in the middle. Elway has a great story of entering into his first regular season game and looking up over center into the de-toothed vampirish visage of Jack:

      "Hall of Famer John Elway perfectly described the fear that Lambert put into quarterbacks. As a rookie, in Elway’s very first game, he had to face the vaunted Steelers defense with Lambert snarling at him from across the line. 'He had no teeth, and he was slobbering all over himself,' recalled Elway. 'I’m thinking, You can have your money back, just get me out of here. Let me go be an accountant. I can’t tell you how badly I wanted out of there.'”


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