Helter skelter

We're almost a year past the Trump Era – or God forbid, the First Trump Era. If there's one thing I don't miss about it, it's the constant outrage. Every day, your blood boiled. It really took a toll on us as a country, and as individuals.

If you've forgotten how bad it felt, you can just take a look at this story. Particularly the video of the shameful incident in question, which took place this week in a Eugene bakery. You may find yourself wanting to see someone's head bashed in with a baseball bat. I know I did.

At least the cops down there did the right thing. Up here in Portland, they wouldn't even come out for this.

Dear Lord, please don't take us back to where we have to deal with this garbage every day. Once in a while is more than enough.

UPDATE, a few minutes later: Apparently the trespassers are from the Portland area. And this is not the first of their far-right wackjob antics.


  1. What human garbage.

    Sorta think the same thing about all the Harley riders...a nice oil slick leading straight off a cliff or into a piece of heavy equipment plow to recycle the precious motorcycle metal and maybe make some fertilizer out of those pesticide fed fat sacks of shit (if they're even good for that) would really be doing society a favor.

    Even if you're a right winger private property uber alles type (which liberals mostly are too), if you're consistent in your beliefs, if it's private property or a private business, you should be thrilled conceptually if the business owner or property owner gets to shoot people or beat them to death with a bat and flush them down a sewer if they don't get the eff out (GTFO) when asked nicely, no?

    The natives in the PNW maybe kinda had that right in some ways; in times of plenty they were big on private property type legal structures, but in the hard winter huddled inside in the wet/little growing or going on, they had more flexible and fluid views of property and were much more communal it seemed.

  2. What a bunch of losers. I hope that the judge throws the book at them.

  3. ^Well, I'm a little cautious about that...IDK the answer either, but I don't think more FBI/patriot act/detainment without trial is the answer exactly either.

    That said, if you have the resources to go to the treat shop & harass people when putting on a mask costs you nothing (even if it's not COVID specifically, asians have been wearing masks and not coghing on eachother like baying hogs rolling in filth for 3+ decades now on trains and in cramped shops/the like), but your fragile pride/identy / fear of being 'owned by the libs' (them making you do anything you didn't want to do or accept their narrative or framing of an issue), it's hard to feel too sorry for them.

    But when you're surrounded by a smug liberal scolding/gate keeping media apparatus that says how bad a person you are if you don't sacrifice for the greater good and totally alienated by it, I totally sympathize with the spirit/anger if not the action (repeatedly), little cost to yourself and having the time/money to go harass some small shop owner in Eugene all the way from Portland.

    Sadly, ginning this up serves the interests of the liberals/their media establishment just as well as being the only alternative and making more $, so the beatings will continue regardless of morale.

    Investigative journalists dry up a little more, the court houses crumble a little more and the resources given to legal clerks to get the little guy / average people access to justice dries up a bit more (to the extent our institutions are redeemable or not totally hollowed out).

  4. News just in- the Left is just as crazy as the Right. The never ending Russian meddling hoax that the Left couldn't drop, even after proven to be completely false and a creation of the Hillary camp is just one example. The claiming that Antifa does not exist and is just a bunch of rag tag folks was another. On the right side of the idiot spectrum, they still believe Trump is actually opposition to the ruling class. No winners when people lose the ability to think for themselves.

  5. There's nothing 'Left' about the Hillary/liberal camp & DNC that congealed around her; she was essentially the candidate of goldman sachs & international finance capital.
    'Extreme centre?' 'Extreme liberal scold gate-keeper offering nothing/zero' might be more like it.

    Trump is the corrupt construction/extraction industry builder guy/not-so-crypto fascist (though without much ideology other than senile staring & watching himself be praised or get attention (even negative) on TV I guess?).

    It seems plausible that half the 'white nationalists' or 'black bloc' are FBI or other 3-letter agency informants or provocateurs.

    Maybe not, but seems like an easy way to justify their existence , increase their funding or keep people scared or lower real estate prices & sow the seeds for social control & a big crackdown for big players to come in & have the run of the place on their terms in major emerging centers to shove everyone into their pods/trap them in poverty & extract economic rents?

    The bad thing/stochastic violence pops off/ happens, give FBI and law enforcement more $ & approval of legitimacy.
    The bad thing " " doesn't happen/is 'stopped' at the last minute and FBI & law enforcement take credit for preventing it and justify their existence and ask for more public support for their legitimacy or funds, even though conditions continue to get worse for avg. people.

    And on the needlessly divisive Covid there are the bloodless liberal technocrats like Fauchi backed by big finance capital that'll lie to your face/do whatever to keep business as usual churning & get you to go back to work for the powers that be on their terms and keep you apart, or cranks/scammers on youtube opposing masks or vaccines that don't have the interests of general health or providing info that's true or accurate or easy to understand either with on the ground reporting with an editorial board and horizontalist model.

    Honestly though, absent Covid & the Trump admin's clown show bungling of it top down for the comfortable suburban voting class over 50, in the current idiotic un-reformable as currently imagined 'legitimate' constitutional order with all its baffles to prevent popular participation with the centrist dems continuing to offer nothing, it woulda been a Trump blow-out absent covid. The down ballot initiatives and races pretty much reflect that.


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