Ellen's out

She thought about it. A lot. I thought about her thinking about it. Also a lot. But Ellen Rosenblum, the Oregon attorney general, is not running for governor.

Which is too bad. She would have been a candidate well worth considering.

Of the many people whose hats are actually in the ring, that zany Betsy Johnson is starting to look pretty good. New York Nick's residency problems nix him off for me. I wouldn't vote for Tina Kotek for dog catcher. Tobias Read is none too exciting, either. Perhaps someone else will hop in here, but I guess they'd have to act soon.


  1. Same as it ever was. A full pack of Dim Bulbs.

  2. Have you considered Jessica Gomez? CEO of Medford high-tech company with extensive executive experience. From the "real Oregon" [like Dave Frohnmayer, a fellow Medford denizen], and checks all the diversity boxes. Campaign literature actually makes sense. Or are you like the cat, in the famous New Yorker cartoon, captioned as the earnest vote-seeking dog goes door-to-door: "Do you mean to tell me you'll vote for any cat over a well-qualified dog?"


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