Back to Brother Moscato's

"Brother" Moscato

I see that the FBI is back poking around under the Pulaski Skyway in Jersey City, near the Hackensack River, looking for the body of Jimmy Hoffa buried in a steel barrel.

It's the site of the old garbage dump known as Brother Moscato's – or actually, just on the other side of the fence from that dump. Nowadays I hear that it's some sort of "greenway." Man, it wasn't too green when it was the landfill. An underground methane fire burned there for many years. And don't even ask what's in the "water."

Anyway, everybody in northern New Jersey could have told you back in '75 that Hoffa was in there. The cops looked for a while, but they gave up. Now they're back, based on a supposed eyewitness account of the burial of the barrel. Maybe this time they'll find it.