"Um... we lost 550 bodies..."

Many of us take the incompetence of Oregon state government as a given, but sometimes it is so outrageous that it takes one's breath away nonetheless. Take this news, for example. The state admitted today that it has undercounted Covid deaths in the state by about 550 people. They've been giving as the number 4,275; if that's light by 550 people, the real figure is 4,825. That's an error rate of 11.4 percent.

For every 100 Oregonians who have died from Covid, the state counted only 89.

How could this happen? It was a "technical computer error." That should be the new state motto.

Between prioritizing gym teachers over fragile senior citizens for vaccines (which even Tina Kotek says was stupid), a miserable vaccination scheduling system, and now this, the health bureaucrats in Salem have really outdone themselves. How Patrick Allen has a job of any kind, especially one in a field like medicine, is one of life's profound mysteries.