Truth is a defense

I've always liked Peter De Fazio (right), the congressman from Eugene. He seems like a true progressive, but he's not always chasing rainbows like some others I could name.

Now, De Fazio is getting crusty in his old age – it's a familiar development – and the other day, he fell victim to the hot mic. But to me it was too funny to be scandalous. He was spot on.


  1. Heh...Yeah, spot on. Good for Pete. It shows he still has is faculties.

    In a similar vein, I got a week in 'time-out' on F******k for noting that Senator Joe Manchin was, "a dirty coal whore." On F******k, the truth is no defence.

    1. Good for you, Godfry. Manchin IS a dirty coal whore!!

  2. We really have taken the white gloves off. To hell with Roberts Rules of Order, so 20th Century.


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