Top 10 Rejected New Names for Facebook

When people are coming after you for some of the terrible things you've done, one thing you can try to do is change your name. Today we learned that Facebook is going to change its corporate name to Meta. Here now are the top 10 other new names that they considered but rejected:

Top 10 Rejected New Names for Facebook

10. Hal

9. TimeSuk

8. nRage

7. DPress

6. Fake

5. SellYou

4. Hatehaven

3. BodyShame

2. Stälk

And the number 1 rejected new name for Facebook:

1.  Beelzebub


  1. "Metastasis" will be popping up in my daily vocabulary far more often.

  2. Replies
    1. What is the sound of one hand clapping? Kidding.... Shared VR, I think.... "The Matrix" or the holodeck on Star Trek Next Generation. Maybe nothing actually real... The continuation of our migration into the end of life as we know it... Can we have voting booths in VR? Or virtual vaccines?

  3. A reader suggests "TimeZuck." Friendly amendment to no. 9.


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