Told you so

So far, Oregon's decriminalization of street drugs is doing no good whatsoever. The cops won't write the tickets, the druggies won't call the help line, and if they did there's not enough capacity to help them all. 

To the contrary, the new "system" is probably doing a fair amount of harm.

 “If you talk to people in recovery, not all of them but a lot of people will say, ‘The criminal justice system saved my life.’”...

“As an African American man, I don’t want more policing any time, any way. Yet I know I have colleagues who would not be alive without going to jail. There is for some people no rock bottom. For some people, they are going to die unless that intervention is there.”

Don't blame me, I voted against it. People around here need to stop looking at wacko candidates and crazy proposals and thinking "Hey, let's try it and see what happens." It's life and death, not a game.


  1. Completely agree. These policies are wrecking cities everywhere they're tried. Maybe don't do the things in Portland that have made San Francisco a mess.

  2. Yet the people who devise and operate these programs will invariably insist they are successful, even if the bodies are stacked six high.

  3. I'm sure people coming to your front door with a loaded weapon trying to enter and steal something has no relationship to no consequences for addictive drug use. We have to start realizing these ideas are not to help out street people, but to destroy American society. We are being attacked, this is not misguided policy.


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