These fall colors are not pretty

I was surfing around on the tube the other night and thought I'd stop in for a while to see the Golden State Warriors play basketball in their home opener. I didn't stay tuned too long, because their uniforms were so bad that they hurt my eyes.

Now, the team's colors, when last I checked, were a nice blue and yellow. But someone has decided that red, white, and a different blue need to be added to the mix, and there is even some kind of orange going on. The result is real ugly.

Why the red, white, and blue? Not enough Trump voters buying season tickets in San Francisco? I don't know, maybe it has to do with the fact that it's the 75th anniversary of the team, and the league. You know, like they used to do at the World Series – put up red, white, and blue bunting to show that it's a special occasion.

Apparently to help explain the situation, they have also painted some yellow and red stripes on the floor below the baselines, in a configuration reminiscent of the flags of Spain or South Vietnam. 

Whatever this is, I hope it's a temporary thing. There are enough teams with the red, white, and blue going on, including the Warriors' opponent the other night, the Clippers. The Warriors' traditional colors are fine, and the current fruit salad look is atrocious. I'm not kidding, it was too hard to watch.


  1. G-bus...And I thought the intent was just to be able to tell the teams apart. Who knew it was a fashion statement?


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