Talkin' gone

 I was startled last night to see this in my cable TV listings:

It appears that NBC Sports Northwest is off the air, apparently for good.

That's too bad. I have spent probably thousands of hours with my eyeballs pointed at that station. None were better, though, than the early days of "Talkin' Ball." It was just Dwight Jaynes and Jim Pasero sitting in a booth in a bar across the street from the stadium, shooting the breeze. Back then, the station was called "Comcast" something or other, and everybody hated Comcast even more than they do now, but that show was worth watching.

Eventually Pasero departed. They moved the show into a brightly lit studio, wheeled in some of the local announcers, and made it into a poor man's version of a daytime talk show on ESPN. Blecch.

I see they've moved the Trail Blazers over to Root, and brought back the boomer announcer who left last year. Fans of that team will now take their medicine at a new location. In the new Blazers system, the offense is going to run through Big Joe Nurkic. We'll see how long that lasts. Maybe to Thanksgiving. Maybe.