Plenty more 'dogs to choose from

While eight of the players in our charity pro football underdog game chose the Thursday night 'dog, which prevailed, the rest of the crew pressed "*" for "Main Menu." And here are their selections:

10 NEW YORK GIANTS at Kansas City (tomorrow night; pick was still due this morning) - Mad Dog, SteveO

6 GREEN BAY at Arizona (Thursday's winner) - Gordon, Drew, PDXileinOmaha, JC, Evil O, Micah, Paul, TJ

5.5 NEW ENGLAND at Los Angeles Chargers - Buster Douglas, CrimsonCrud

3.5 PITTSBURGH at Cleveland - Mojo, Eric, Annie B.

3 DETROIT vs. Philadelphia - Bad Picker, Kosar19, pdxTrojan

3.5 CHICAGO vs. San Francisco - No Chance in Hell

2.5 MINNESOTA vs. Dallas - Meow, DB

Quite a few mutts were left unclaimed this week:

14.5 HOUSTON vs. Los Angeles Rams

13.5 MIAMI at Buffalo

9 NEW YORK JETS vs. Cincinnati

4.5 NEW ORLEANS vs. Tampa Bay

3 WASHINGTON at Denver


2.5 CAROLINA at Atlanta

1 INDIANAPOLIS vs. Tennessee

IMPORTANT NOTE: These listings have been updated to reflect the two picks that came in this morning.

Our standings, including Thursday night's results, are here. This is Week 8 of an 18-week regular season, and we'll play on through three weeks of playoffs, and so a lot can still happen. Good luck to all our players and the charities they are playing for.