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I see that Condolezza Rice was back in the news last week as the nation mourned her fellow war criminal, Colin Powell. Now Sweetheart Condi is telling us all that we need to get over that little minor insurrection thing that happened earlier this year.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Tuesday on ABC's "The View," that the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol was an "assault on law and order" but that it's time to move on. 

"I know what happened on Jan. 6 was wrong, but I also know as a government and as a country we got to be concerned about the things that are making life hard for Americans and for American families," Rice, a Republican and political science professor at Stanford University, said on the show.

What a piece of work. Stanford, of course.

Speaking of moving on, I also see that the ex-president of Oregon State University has been cleared of ethics charges relating to the use of university attorneys to defend him when his checkered past in Louisiana came back to haunt him last winter. 

I guess that's the end of that episode. He took his $670,000 severance and went away. All neat and tidy now. Everything's fine at Oregon State. Try the potato salad! Then go back to sleep.


  1. They are telling us to move on because the truth is coming out that the Feds were actively involved in the whole thing. Here is just one character that have never been arrested but played a big part in leading the lambs to slaughter:

  2. Hard for me to get too worked up about Conda-sleaz-a Rice given the company she keeps...she strikes me as more of a 'joiner' or 'groupie' or 'mouthpiece' than actual dracula that's been in on the ground floor like Rumsfeld (rest in piss) or Cheney were/are, respectively.

    Yes, in my formative teenage years I often got to hear her spraying total BS thru her teeth from 9/11 on as blow-hardedly as possible.

    But I sorta read her as just a creature who wanted a job/invite to the party of the WASP ghoul & dracula elite in the greed and literal imperial hubris war criminal machine who'd come late.

    Everytime I see/catch a clip of David Frum's swollen alchololic red pig-face on MSNBC in passing (they must have him on a lot...I don't watch much TV or corporate news except to catch a couple local bits on the ground to see how it was reported, sports & weather) or other W. bush war criminals/ghouls being rehabilitated as the 'good' republicans in comparison to the brash & drama-queeny Orange thing & cargo-cult & co. that's basically a giant malignant cancer tumor made out or the worst parts & excesses of America's emerging post WWII hegemon position grabbing the juicy fat falling off the world economy playing to a bunch of comfortable monied/retired boomer libs that trust the corporate media/believe everything the TV tells them including Russia-gate (Q-anon for TV addicted boomer libs, just more boring),

    I feel a bit like I'm in Mr. Creosote's position after a short minute in Monty Python's Meaning of Life (except full of toxic words/radioactive exposure to corporate media/W. Bush ghouls & war criminals being rehabilitated for credulous TV addicted brain dead home-owning boomer libs who are comfortable/monied that VOTE/rubber stamp all centrist dems/never withold that vote over a fire & brimstone populist leftist challenger in a dem deathstar place or suburb like NYC, Portland etc in the 2 party system, no food).

    Waiter: "How are you today Monsieur?"
    Creosote: Betta...
    ...Betta get a bucket I'm gonna throw up!!! (I prefer 'spew' to the phrase 'throw up').

    If I'm exposed to them for too long or have to hear Frum's simpering little weasel voice, look at his hideous pig face or Condi's for too long I start to feel a little sick and immediately turn off the TV and write off the next election...

    I also like Tony Blair crawling out of Wendy Dang or his Lobbyist rat hole for a minute with his hideous face or to write an op-end to scold people over the Afghanistan withdrawal that he's losing money (or rather, not continuing to make money) on...that's rich! Disgusting.

  3. But hey, nice work if you can get it for all the W. Bush & co. who's crimes everyone has forgotten in a country where no one remembers anything that didn't happen 10 minutes ago!

    They'll probably get away with it.

    Condi will probably make $30,000-200,000/speaking gig on the conference circuit/giving commencement speeches on the D-list conference circuit...heck if she can hit up Stanford & Cal in the same day for the parents of the trust fund kids paying the tuition and those saddled with $300,000 in debt med students, who knows how much? Sky's the limit baby!

    I'd love to know what they pay to interview David Frum on the bigger scams/MSNBC cable news A-list circuit for rehabilitated W. bush war criminals/greed heads that ran the economy into the ground, started a war that led to more terror and deaths of a million+ people, traded away all protections against torture or upholding the bill of rights for the little guy, and let a whole city drown (IDK that centrist corporate dems woulda done a lot better...maybe a little less sadistic) with the 10-30million age 65+ monied boomer libs eyeballs that vote.
    Maybe they just do it for the love of the game?

    How quickly people forget, as gross as Trump & co. are, I'm sorry they're not even in the same galaxy of competent evil as all the guys around W and the all three branches the republicans had 2000-2006.
    Nor managed mono-culture belligerent violent idiocy/mob mentality among americans that existed 9/11/2001 to ~Katrina.

    If only Americans could mobilize to help each-other or around getting vaccinated or to stop a virus/take care of eachother/repair the infrastructure in this country that looks like sh1t before it crumbles like they did to exact vengeance on Iraq...maybe we could revisit that great American past-time of self reflection and begin to address some of the root causes that make us all such violent miserable pricks.
    Time will tell, but the empire's exploits usually come home.
    Rat your neighbors out to the FBI on nextdoor and worse I guess? Great.
    Look eatchother up on over eachothers shoulder soviet style pretending to work tickling a mouse in cubicles like little Eichmanns?

    The UK got a buyout from us after WWII instead of getting appropriately checked/collapsing as all monstrous empires should, but the fist fights at gas stations there and people potentially freezing to death (70+% of homes heated by natural gas boilers there, gas service is mostly is privatized as of 2010+ in the supply chain shortages is sure looking pretty effing real.

    Pray it doesn't get that bad here with all the guns etc?

  4. Condi isn't a Stanford professor. She's with the Hoover Institution, located on the campus. Attempts have been made to disconnect Hoover from the university affiliation.

    1. Stanford houses them and funds them. The provost recently told the faculty in no uncertain terms that "Hoover is us." Which is why Stanford will never see another nickel from me.

    2. And she's a professor in the Business School:


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