Just what we need, not

My God. When you look around Portland and see the devastation on so many levels, and then you turn and read this, it takes your breath away.

For much of 2021, the Port of Portland has been deep into its PDX Next plan to open the airport’s main terminal and make it a welcoming, airy wash of light and curved timber. But the main piece of that lovely construction—a curved wooden roof that was introduced as an Instagram rival for the the old, cult status PDX airport carpet—is actually being built offsite, with plans to move it whole hog once it’s ready....

The roof, all 392,000 square feet of it, is being built in a lot adjacent to the international airport, “in pieces, or ‘modules’, with plans to move it across the airfield.” The project will utilize the combined might of Skanska and Hoffman construction companies, which have formed a sort of construction company Optimus Prime called Hoffman Skanska Joint Venture to manage such an undertaking.

For the Port of Portland to be platinum-plating the freaking airport while the city crumbles is nothing short of obscene.

When they write the history of Portland's decline and fall, I hope ample attention is given to the Hoffman Skanska Joint Venture. What a corrupt little town, in a corrupt little state.


  1. Of all the items on my property taxes, the (admittedly small) line for the Port of Portland disgusts me the most. How can these clowns not cover their own costs thru the usage fees they collect? Oh... that's how.

  2. But hey, it will get a fancy write-up in the New York Times so it is worth it in the end. Does Seattle have a fancy ceiling in their airport? I think not.

  3. Any entity encorporating the 'Hoffman' aspect should be considered dubious. I know nothing of Skanska, except that they are complicit with Hoffman. In my book, that's enough.


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