Good money after bad

I've blogged before about the egregious waste of public money going on with Portland "Sunday Parkways," the closed-street bike-y event series that hasn't happened for two years now. City Hall continues to keep people on the payroll to prattle on about something that doesn't even exist. Now they'll stay busy all fall reviewing the public reaction to their non-event.

I'm surprised this notice, which came in the mail yesterday, wasn't translated into nine languages, including Klingon. What a clown show.


  1. What you didn’t go this year Jack? Boy, you really missed out on a fantastic event. Ted was there and he gave an inspiring speech about how “the city was back”, Jo Ann and Sam were there and rode a tandem bike together while singing Kumbaya, and even Earl made an appearance. Earl and I discussed at length the advantages of bicycle freeways, and I also thanked him for his tireless support of marijuana legalization. And the event was Equitable with a capital E. If you didn’t have a bike the city would provide one free of charge at no cost so no one would feel left out.


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