Game 162

Today’s the last day of the regular season in American major league baseball. And the Seattle Mariners still have a chance to be playing tomorrow. 

That doesn't usually happen.

But in order for it to happen, the M's have to beat the Angels today, as they did last night, and either the Yankees must lose to the Rays or the Red Sox must lose to the Nationals. The Yanks lost and the Red Sox won against those same opponents yesterday.

All of the games in the major leagues start today just after noon, Pacific time.

If the Mariners get through today, tomorrow's game would be another do-or-die, and if they prevailed there, they'd play another do-or-die on Tuesday. There's even the possibility of yet another do-or-die on Wednesday.

But first things first: Beat the Angels today, watch the scoreboard, and light a candle.