Dux unvaxxed?

That troublemaker blogger guy on the University of Oregon faculty raises an interesting issue in light of this week's firing of the Washington State head football coach for refusing to get vaccinated against Covid. On his blog, UO Matters, the professor wonders aloud how many members of the coaching staffs of athletic teams at the U of O are similarly refusing the shots.

I don't think that information has ever been made public. What the suits at the university have told us is that of 5,205 faculty and staff, 4.7 percent have exemptions, for "medical, religious, philosophical, or other non-medical reasons." That's around 245 people. Are athletic staff among them? I would bet so.

According to the blog, you can get an exemption automatically, just by checking a box on a form and agreeing to watch a video and submit to testing. You wonder how many of the jock nannies did that. I suppose the same question could be asked at the other state colleges as well. But at the U of O, where sports are the top priority, it's particularly apropos.


  1. Well, based on the incompetency of DAS staff, it shouldn't be long before all of that is known. They did leak it to the Oregonian, but it was deleted(yah right). Won't really matter anyway as it has been reported that Oregon is approving exceptions at twice the rate of Washington. I know three co-workers who have never said as much as an amen around me that got the religious exemption. No surprise that Washington held a harder line as they actually have their liberal and other "stuff" together. I really wish people would quit referring to Portland as Seattle's sister city. We are more like the slightly abused cousin with envy issues.


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