Downtown Portland, in three stories

Here is Story 1.

Here is Story 2.

Here is Story 3.

Isn't connect-the-dots fun?


  1. After reading all three linked articles I really don't know where to start. Actually, all I can really say it that it's clear Portland is doing everything conceivably possible to drive businesses out of the Portland downtown core. And it appears they are succeeding.

  2. If you have a life, you are not wanted here. Only losers and freaks are welcome.

  3. This is how they build Detroit-on-the-Willamette.

  4. I live maybe a half mile off of Kruse in Lake Oswego. I had a feeling that we would start getting a lot of people and businesses moving here because of Portland’s inability to stay even somewhat civilized. It will probably be good for our property values, but it is starting to lose it’s sleepy suburb feel with ugly, modern buildings starting to spring up. Oh well, nothing stays the same forever.


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