Don't go near the water

Another oil spill disaster, this time off Newport Beach, south of L.A. The oil devils are sort-of admitting to 126,000 gallons. Some wetlands are getting trashed. A lot of wildlife is going to perish.

Mayor Brad Avery of Newport Beach said he was leaving Catalina Island and heading toward the Huntington Beach air shows on Saturday when he heard radio chatter of boats finding oil in the water.

Five miles off Huntington Beach, “we have these beautiful dolphins” following along with the boat, he said. “We had six or seven dolphins.”

“To our dismay, all of a sudden, we were in this big patch of oil. It was very thick,” he said, describing a consistency that varied from a slight sheen to three-by-three foot patches of black that looked like tar. The dolphins were swimming through it.

“It was sort of a moment where we have this beautiful nature, and then this man-made disaster,” Mr. Avery said.

I know I'll not be around when we stop with the oil. It will be a happy day for the planet. Not sure how the humans will feel about it, if there are any left.