Definitely the grassholes this time

You knew it was coming. Early fall, rain in the forecast for Oregon. That means the grass farmers down the Willamette Valley are going to be burning their fields. And yesterday, boy, did they. Air quality quickly deteriorated, including up here in heavily populated Portland. These readings sure look like classic grass burning:

This filthy practice is not necessary; it's just convenient for a handful of farmers. There can't be more than a few dozen who  benefit. Meanwhile, literally millions of people breathe nasty air for many hours because of it. And for what? Cheaper seed prices for golf courses.

"Green" Oregon has a lot of hypocrisy built in.

The last time I smelled a smoky stink on the eve of a rainstorm, it turned out to be from wildfires in the mountains. Not this time. You can tell. It's the grassholes.