Cruel and not unusual enough

If we have to have the death penalty, we need to do it in the least barbaric way possible. That idea is apparently lost on the people of Oklahoma. This story is nothing short of disgusting.


  1. I’ll consider supporting capital punishment when every prosecutor, judge, and cop associated with the prosecution waives all immunities for misconduct and negligence associated with the investigation, arrest, trial and appeals. If they think the system is good enough to kill accurately, they should have no concerns about being subject to that system.

  2. Well the daughter of the woman killed, Gay Carter, has no problem with his execution. And she saw her mom before she died as she also worked at the prison at the time. She says that her mom was brutally stabbed multiple times and that it was a very gruesome death. I think that I will go with the wishes of the victim’s family over some do-gooder on the HuffPost. Just sayin’.

    1. Actually, here we are talking about the do-gooders who wrote the Bill of Rights. Just sayin'.


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