A non-manic Monday

Both this blog and I got through No-Facebook Monday just fine yesterday. The number of readers I got here didn't seem to be affected too much. Thanks to everyone who showed up.

I continue to labor away at a workaround that avoids the worst of the hideous Facebook algorithm. That subject's not ready for public discussion, and I don't know for sure if it ever will be. 

But suffice it to say that it was nice not to subject myself to the infernal "news feed" for an entire day yesterday. I plan to do it again next Monday.


  1. Hey....They put me in 'time-out' last week for violating their 'community standards'. Who knew they had 'community standards'? Who knew that correctly identifying West Virginia's Senator Manchin as a "dirty coal whore" is 'harassment'? That is why I have been condemned as a 'bully'. But then, I've found that when one is prevented from posting, one is not prevented from assessing and reporting on all advertisements ('sponsored' posts). So, I spend my time reporting 'offensive' adverts...which is all of them.

    1. They will eventually tank, except in the third world. Reminds me a little of the Catholic Church.


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