With good guys like this, who needs bad guys?

The police in Portland continue to disappoint. Now they're going to fight being vaccinated. "We'll quit! We'll take you to arbitration!" You couldn't alienate the average Portlander any worse if you tried. Maybe the cops are, in fact, trying. That union is bad, bad news. (The state troopers are in on it, too. What is it with these guys?)

And management isn't any better. Now it's another round of musical chairs among the big shots on the Portland force. New chest medals for the crew of the Titanic. With traffic deaths, shootings, murders, property crimes, all on the rise.

How did our city fall so far, so fast? We deserve better. Especially from the cops.


  1. The vaccines are not experimental; they've been approved by the FDA. There is plenty of evidence accumulated since early in the year that they are very, very safe and really effective at preventing hospitalization and death. We haven't yet reached so-called herd immunity and may never attain it because of the number of unvaccinated people. Almost all of the immunologists and research and medical professionals with relevant expertise highly recommend getting vaccinated. There aren't any good scientific reasons not to do so. People have been routinely vaccinated (and received numerous boosters) against many diseases, some of which have disappeared because of effective vaccination programs. There are some medical reasons to not get vaccinated; otherwise, I think it's foolish to remain unvaccinated and prolong the misery of this pandemic longer.

  2. Another reason NOT to call a cop. Isn't that part of their agenda?


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