Tri-Met never stops shoveling

We were all supposed to be thrilled yesterday to read that Tri-Met is building additional choo-choo tracks of some kind between the airport and Gateway. If I had to pick one thing that Portland definitely doesn't need right now, it's that. Another $100 million down the rat hole.

If Tri-Met wants to get more people to ride the train out that way, they ought to clean up the Gateway Transit Center. Gateway to the Gang Wars, is what it feels like. I've stood out there waiting for trains in the late afternoons, in broad daylight, and at times it's been as scary and depressing as any time I ever spent in the Port Authority bus terminal in New York in the '70s (and that's saying a lot). Gateway is like a showcase of all of the city's many problems.

None of which are going to be solved by more trains from there to the airport, that's for sure. God forbid you should ever see any cops out that way, except after somebody's been shot.