She, Tina

Willy Week is having a field day with the Tina Kotek gerrymander renege story. Today they let their main assassin, Nigel Jaquiss, stay home, but they sent in their no. 2 hitter, Rachel Monahan, to deliver the devastating blows. This one's not for the kids.

I have no use for Kotek. It's ever so easy for me to agree that her breaking her handshake deal with the Republicans (stupid as the agreement was on her part to begin with) is despicable. And as Monahan lets the death-cult opposition point out, such conduct on her part is not surprising.

Was it ever formalized in writing or anything like that?

No. She didn’t sign anything. I can’t even imagine that is how things would be done around here, but I don’t think that would’ve changed anything. I think if you’re not going to keep your deal, you’re not going to keep it. This is just who she is.

Bad Tina Kotek, bad bad bad, is the clear implication. Even the blue people should ask themselves if this is what they want in the state's highest office, to which Kotek is aspiring.

Indeed, the Week's noble vigilance allows us to reflect on the alternatives there are to Kotek as we select a Democratic candidate for governor. For example, someone who's thinking about it. Thinking about it really hard. Someone who doesn't take a stand on much of anything, and thus stays out of trouble. Surely that person would be better than a no good, rotten dealbreaker. Right?