Portland mid-week outrage roundup

Life in the City of Roses sure is... interesting these days.

Maybe there'll be a drive-by shooting in front of your house with your toddler playing nearby.

Maybe a bullet will come through your wall in the middle of the night and hit you in the face while you're alseep in your bed.

Maybe your kids will have to parade through a nasty homeless camp to get from their high school building to their sports field.

And do you know what City Hall will tell you? "Tough. Live with it. This is a big city."

And a big joke.


  1. I live in the apartments across the street from that homeless camp near the Cleveland Field, and am somewhat astounded that the KGW story featured local homeowners who say they are just fine with it. It is not fine. It impacts the safety of this immediate area every day. And it is getting worse every day. Local residents (apparently not the ones interviewed) report this camp to the City's Campsite Reporting website every week. The garbage, the vehicles, the human waste, the people off their meds coming through and violently yelling at people (and worse, yelling at people no one else can see) plus the burning of treated wood, tires, etc in oil drums and the fumes from that make it a nightmare. I could go on, but why? The high school kids have the best of it, they travel in packs and are only passing through. It's the people who live here and pay rent and taxes that are worn thin.

  2. Just when you got over Bullseye Glass.

    1. Bingo! But at least I got some decent change from the Class Action Settlement. In the neighborhood of federal stimulus payment (and, yes, I declared it...)


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