Morgue trucks rolling into Portland

It was kind of spooky to read that some hospitals in southern Oregon, and in Salem, have started using refrigerator trucks as makeshift morgues because they have so many Covid fatalities. But then I read that Providence and St. Vincent Hospitals here in Portland are getting those trucks, too. 

This is what we spent three quarters of 2020 trying to avoid. Now we don't seem to mind. "Only the unvaccinated are dying." Sheesh.

And this week it's back to school for all those unvaxxed kids. "Only a few of them will die or wind up in the hospital." Geez.

After a weekend laced with packed stadiums holding tens of thousands of screaming sports fans, elbow to elbow.

Whatever happened to "flatten the curve"? And "the virus makes the timeline"?

Sure, you can blame all the idiots who won't get their shots, but what good is the finger-pointing? They're out there and they aren't going to listen. So we do nothing but put on masks? Including cloth masks that don't do much? Worn improperly anyway? With no real rules left about social distancing?

It's madness. Time to lie as low as you can.


  1. That last part really rings true.

    Like, yeah, if you're a local rush Limbaugh/one of the biggest selfish belligerent bloviating assholes this nation is capable of producing (which is really saying something!) and were a total shithead/have a million posts on facebook saying masks are for pussies and the vax is gonna put a chip in your brain/poison you despite the noxious polluted air you breathe and american diet slop you eat and ask for the jab at the last minute and a few days before your wife/family asks people to pray for you, I think we're allowed a good schadenfreude cackle?

    But these people have loved ones & infect others & that's true too.

    But as for the rest of us, we're back to square one, really...and like how history rhymes, this seems in keeping;
    -The bad thing happens...somehow the people that matter/tell the story or most people escape it by luck or chance and don't learn the lesson 'there are no stories about ships that don't sink but nearly do!'
    -The bad thing happens, people suffer immensely, we don't learn the lesson & tons of people are dead/sick/messed up and too traumatized to tell the story or take action/organize & compare notes.

    Get your blanket/woodstove and reading list/TV review for a nice sopranos rewatch for a great TV serial on american decline loaded?

    Get your mask and incandescant black light on a timer to dry your well fitting mask and be careful out there, even if it means being lonely, bored and losing sanity points just a little more going into another winter? IDK?

    If we'd uh...normalized/vibed out some deaths ~9/11-2001 instead of losing our minds then about 3000 deaths in 1 day compared to covid that's ~9/11 # of deaths every day...wait...if we'd done that we wouldn't be the insane, vindictive, petty idiot nation of miserable violently distrustful clannish pricks that we are!

    It's been a crazy week reflecting on that 20 years and how much worse things have gotten in the 2 decades...even reading some of your old old old blog and others!
    I remember it like it was yesterday, but I was also under 18 at the time.

  2. ^For added flavor, to your point about things we *can* do not just absurdist comparisons and funny anecdotes...
    ...sending the kids back to school & ending the eviction moratorium going into think crime and homelessness is bad now?

    Looks grim. Supposedly this is a 'blip' of more covid...I believe it'll burn to a much lower level probably at some point....but I really doubt with kids going back to school and a bunch of people hustling to find housing and work it's likely to get better any time soon or just be 'a few days.'

    Remember when they said we'd be greeted as liberators about Iraq & mission accomplished after a couple weeks?
    'we've heard this before' early in covid and now with this latest spike...


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